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Sheree Braswell
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Anxious about the New Year?

Photo cred: Shutterstock Hey Lovelies,      HAPPY NEW YEAR ! It's been a while since I've blogged but I wanted to share something that was heavy on my heart, and that is being anxious about the new year! I know for me it hits home to me as early as my childhood. I would always get anxious about the upcoming new year. Coming from a big family on both sides, we dealt with cumulative deaths. So every year, I feared what the new year would bring, as far as, deaths and losses, whether it be family or friends. I noticed this anxiety was becoming a bit dangerous and unhealthy for me over the years. I haven't arrived yet. Matter of fact, I see a trend on TikTok that says, "Lord, is the new year gonna be a year of triumphs and successes, or a year of trial, tribulations, and lessons?" Even though I giggled about it when I saw the trend at first but then I realized like, "wow, I hope for the better in the new year and not for the trials etc. because 2021 to the beginn

I'm Embarrassed of My Loved One with Mental Illness

     photo cred: Hey Loves,     It's been a few months since I've blogged and so much has transpired. Time literally waits for no one and flies by so fast. But by the Grace of God, I am able to say that this year so far has been really good for me and I'm grateful. I want to share something on my heart and that is,  "I'm embarrassed of my loved one with mental illness." The reason why I'm blogging on this topic is because it relates to so many but they are afraid to admit that they are embarrassed of their loved one with mental illness. I want to let you know that you are not alone in how you feel or how you've felt. Because honestly, I've been there... Growing up, I had a close loved one with Bipolar Disorder and as a kid, I was embarrassed of that person. I didn't understand their behavior or mood swings. And at that time as a kid, I didn't even want to understand their behavior, I never wanted to be in their shoes. Until

It Took Me 12 Years to Get My Bachelor's Degree!

  Graduated Saturday April 30, 2022 Hey Loves, It's been a moment since I've blogged but so much has happened since I've graduated that it's crazy! But in a good sense type of crazy favor, blessings and faithfulness type of deal. God has been opening so many doors for me and literally has been blowing my mind. For those who keep up with my blog, knows that I went through one of the most darkest seasons of my life in 2021 and it carried over to the New Year where I thought I was going to have to drop the Winter Semester and finish my final semester at another time. I was adjusting to new medications for my mental health around January and February this year. It felt like an emotional rollercoaster but it was by the Grace of God that I was able to take on and finish my final semester at Eastern Michigan University with a 4.0 GPA and cumulatively in my undergrad curriculum a 3.47 GPA. I'm extremely thankful for my intercessors and support system who were th

Constantly Coming Up Empty? Read this!

  Recent Headshot of me  Hey Loves,     I was thinking of you tonight. I feel this so heavy on me and I wanted to make sure I didn't wait to write this blogpost for another day but to do it right now. I was chatting with God about a transition I am going to make but I wanted Him to be the head, center and end of it all. I want to make sure I come to God to fill every single void area of my life and make sure it's all Him.  During the middle of the prayer, He inspired me to write this post about constantly coming up empty. So here I am...     Have you found yourself knowingly or unknowingly putting your faith in other things rather than God? It can be your career, relationship/status, friendships, family, degrees, money in the bank account, and any other thing that makes you feel complete in some sense?! But for some of you, even though you may have some of these things, your heart still isn't content. You are constantly searching high and low as why you keep coming up empty

Why I Checked Myself In...

  Photo credit: VeryWell Mind Hey Loves, First, Happy NEW Year! lol It's been a while since I've blogged. The last time I blogged, I wrote about "If you love me, don't say the word "CRAZY"! I shared in that blogpost intimate experiences of me experiencing Bipolar Disorder with Psychosis (out of touch with reality). I am glad that it touched and informed those who read it but I felt I should wait and share those details in my bipolar memoir in the near future. So instead, I thought I would share more on why I checked myself in... In 2021, I went through many losses and changes. Even with making changes to my health, eating right and exercising felt great and was glad to get some things in order but there were a lot of stressors that caused my mental health to turn for the worst. I experienced anxiety to the extreme. With both conditions, Bipolar Disorder and PCOS, you can experience severe anxiety and depression. It was so hard to know which one was working ag

Cuffing Season: BUT I'm Struggling with Dating/Relationship Anxiety!

  Hey Loves, I want to touch on a topic that's been heavy on my heart and that is ANXIETY, especially dating and relationship anxiety. Anxiety is something I've struggled with for a very long time but I'm learning how to overcome. I have my good and bad days.  From social anxiety, to actually having panic attacks in the past and now noticing that myself and so many others struggles with dating/relationship anxiety. I believe I first started experiencing anxiety in middle school but mainly in high school with social anxiety. Then when I was diagnosed with mental illness at 16 years old, I felt the anxiety increase even the more because that's the age usually when you can start dating and get your parents "ok" to start having a relationship. I wore shame because of the illness so heavy. I couldn't explain what I was experiencing when it came to my symptoms. The fear-based thoughts, always thinking of the worst that can possibly happen, and learning how to gr

10 Years Single and What I've Learned

  Hey Loves,  For those who have been keeping up with my blogposts, I  blogged at my 7th year mark about me being 7 years single and what I've learned. Now I'm at my 10 year mark and I have learned so much since 3 years ago. I am so ready to share with you what I've learned and some of my experiences. I told God in 2011 that I could be single for the next 10 years because I was so broken. I told God let me travel, heal me, help me walk in my purpose and so much more and well that happened and more!  In 10 years I've learned... Power of patience and prayer.-  I learned not only the power of covering my future husband in prayer but I grew in prayer when it came to myself. I grew in prayer when it came to asking God to break off my strongholds. I became more patient with myself in my struggles, flaws and accepting myself. I grew patient when I decided to get to know different men and date. Learning and getting to know different guys helped me to understand men more and wha